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Memories at the kitchen table

The simple joy of being together

By Ken MackPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Memories at the kitchen table
Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

The sun sometimes reminds me of the meals my mom used to make when I got back from school

It made everything look warm and bright

just like the comforting light in our kitchen

the sunlight filled the room as I sat at the table, eager and hungry

I ate with so much passion and joy

savouring every bite

my Mom would pause to wipe my mouth with a tissue

always so attentive

the table often got dirty because I didn’t know how to eat properly yet

but she never minded

She’d just smile and hand me a glass of water.

We'd sit there, sharing stories about my day at school

I’d tell her about my friends, my teachers, and all the little adventures I had

She’d listen intently, her eyes twinkling with interest and amusement

watching her smile and laugh made me so happy

We’d dream together, talking about my aspiration of becoming a professional basketball player

She believed in me so much, and it made me believe in myself

after finishing my meal, I’d watch her wash the dishes

her hands moving rhythmically under the water

She always made sure the kitchen was spotless, a place of warmth and cleanliness

I was always loud, full of energy and excitement

but nothing could distract us from those precious moments.

even with my stomach full, I wanted more

I’d tell her how much I loved the food, my eyes wide with sincerity

It was so good, every single time

those meals were more than just food

I miss those moments dearly

They were filled with love, laughter

and the simple joy of being together


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Ken Mack

Ahah! just here to share my thoughts openly, enjoy 🥴

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (2)

  • Joe O’Connor29 days ago

    Love the memories associated with this!

  • Kalina Bethanyabout a month ago

    Heartening piece Ken! Reminds me of simpler times

Ken MackWritten by Ken Mack

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