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Marshmallow Blizzard

by Kaliyah Myers 23 days ago in love poems · updated 16 days ago
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Poem - 017

Created By Kaliyah Myers

Poem - 017, Marshmallow Blizzard

We stood in the blizzard together,

Our half lanterns beaten by the weather.

Your ember was just a flicker,

My ember felt even littler…

But standing by you,

I could feel the warmth it once gave.

We’ll hideout here in a cave…

As I connect my half to yours,

The lanterns unite as one and the flame-

It grows and not in vain.

Fear tells me that glass will soon shatter.

But seeing you tells me that doesnt matter.

Your goofy smile…

A distraction from the long, cold, while.

The small white pillow you placed on a stick,

Burning the sugar over the flame like a wick.

Trying it, I couldn't help but think about it…

Just how well we seem to stick.

- Kaliyah Myers, a Poem to a soon to be book named, The Mad Project

Thank you for taking the time to give this a read! Any and all feedback is highly appreciated and if you would please, drop a like and a follow! If you comment, I'll be able to see you and do the same in return! Thank you, Thank you! See you all another time!

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Kaliyah Myers

"Change is imperative. But the kind of change is the most important detail."

In being a writer, I hope to share something relatable and adventurous that you can love too.

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Comments (24)

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  • Beth Fry3 days ago


  • Victoria Rivera9 days ago

    What a beautiful poem! And now I want a s’more, preferably away from a storm haha

  • srinivasan16 days ago

    Your article is very nice and I wish you to continue writing like this.Please feel free to read my articles and share your comments. I kindly request you to follow me. https://vocal.media/poets/love-couples

  • Jenny Thompson16 days ago

    Cute and sweet rhymes, you've got such a knack for creating imagery with your words. Just change "in vein" to "in vain" for spelling purposes. But I love the ooey gooey nature of this read!

  • Nithin978619 days ago

    good story

  • Dee Morrison19 days ago

    I love it and I love the way the marshmallows are described as "small white pillows" too - fab!

  • I loved this - resonated deeply and really evoked so many sensations of what ‘love’ can feel like. X

  • Gal Mux21 days ago

    Very romantic and the rhyme is really catchy.

  • Doc Sherwood21 days ago

    Really lovely. Was it by any chance inspired in part by the animated movie "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return?" The marshmallow love scene (and accompanying song!) helped me through some hard times, over a girl from Wisconsin in fact so I guess she knew all about blizzards! This poem really brought back to me that year in my life, and long ago as it was (2014) it was like living it again. Thank you for that experience! I'm sure others reading your poem will likewise remember something happy - or maybe I should say, something sweet!

  • Jason Ray Morton22 days ago

    I see why you got a top story from this. It's fantastic work.

  • Blake O'Connor22 days ago

    Reminds me of romantic walks in Central Park during the winter.

  • Jess B.22 days ago

    This is so dreamy! I love it!

  • Caroline Jane22 days ago

    Love and addiction - One and the same.Great poem.

  • Keila Aartila22 days ago

    This is so marshmallowy sweet! Well done.:)

  • C. H. Richard22 days ago

    hearted and subscribed

  • C. H. Richard22 days ago

    Very sweet and romantic

  • Marcia Milliner22 days ago


  • Mary Haynes22 days ago

    Fabulous title! I HAD to read it. Nice imagery.

  • Beautiful

  • Lynwood Christo23 days ago

    This is incredible! You are such a talented writer! I love this 🥺🥰

  • Heather Hubler23 days ago

    Congratulations on your Top Story!! This really was a whole beautiful experience. Your title was very catchy, the picture paired with it so nicely, and the poetry itself was lovely. Great work!!

  • Angel Blade23 days ago

    This poem is beautiful. It's so sweet and the narrative is very descriptive. Creating the instinct feeling of love. -Angel Blade

  • Brilliant and well-written. I love the fun expression of creative writing in poetry that rhymes (which is my favorite kind!). And I am the first to comment on your TOP STORY. Congratulations!

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