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Lust to Dust

Soul Mate

By LEFPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read

True love or soul mate

We had just one date

But I can feel the heat

From fire that is deep

In my lust for your feel


Date two and I know it’s true

You and me for ever

Hold my hand firm and kiss my lips

That look in your eyes


One year and we are still one

We can’t part as we are glue

Held by our love that grew

From lust to lust we feel the root

Deep in our soul


A ring to show till the end of time

We were two then one, now a set

The same name, the same home

To grow our seed


Year by Year we stay the road

A long trip or slow burn

Our love is fuel

To push us on to the end

Burn loud and burn hot we will not stop


Days grow hard

Love is still here but you are gone

Our lust has fade to dust

Deep in the dirt and deep in my soul

True love my Soul mate

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endless stories swirl in my head fueled by coffee!

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