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Galactic Knight

For The Vocal Extraterrestrial Challenge

By LEFPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 2 min read

Your world is a mystery, you traveled to this rendition

You came to Earth with a mission

For what? Don’t know and really who cares

Our needs are beyond our ability for repairs


All must be witnessed to understand

We are standing on dying land

The ways of our world are in turmoil

We can’t continue to strive in the pot we boil


The liquid of life is a poisoned current

Don’t drink that it could kill you serpent

The air around is breathable but contaminated

It would be safer to keep your helmet insulated


Are you hungry? There’s plenty to go around

But only here none for them in that town

They starve as we have plenty to spare

Hungry children fill your belly with air

this food is not to share


Don’t fret if you get ill, we have the cure

Beware the price is hard to endure.

One will break your wallets restrictions

The other your soul to addictions.

Our barbaric medicine is a contradiction


Is your heart unrested from the galactic stroll

We have many great ways to heal the soul

Please pick a religion and choose your fate

Forsake the others it brews hate

War has loomed in those words you will debate


Speaking of war did you want to fight

We have plenty of ways to kill outright

In fact, here hold my pocket size death machine

The cold steel is nice, right, fits like a queen

Careful you’ll shoot your eye out clean


Is that not a big enough weapon, sorry knight

Hold my nuclear bomb while I load its venom bite

You see, some will destroy everything to survive

Thought you should know for peace we strive

But there’s people that want chaos to thrive


Are you looking for a new domicile

Somewhere you will fit in for awhile

Sorry, we don’t take too kindly to strangers

Differences are things we see as dangers

Unless you conform, you can’t stay in the manger


Can’t you see you made it here from far away

Your advancement could save the day!

We need all the knowledge you brought

Salvation for our planet we must be taught

Just a thought!


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endless stories swirl in my head fueled by coffee!

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