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An ode to the pocket knife.

By LEFPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read

The way is lonely and cold

Wondering in a world unknown

Solitary silence on my journey

Leaves room for the brain to wonder.


Darkness surrounding every angle

Vision focused on the necessary

Hearing attuned to the decibel

Sixth sense activated.


Movement in the void detected

Every ounce of me is ready

Waiting in my fight stance

Fear has no place here.


Monsters to the left and demons to the right

Nocturnal creatures breathing down my spine

Come at me because it’s not your night

Prepared for war as I went out the door.


In my pocket is your undoing

My little friend has a few words

He’s been waiting patiently for today

When the darkness falls


Glinting in the moon light

Adorned with a jagged edge

Cold steel blade of elite craft

Handgrip steady as a warrior.


Starlight wondering together

Our verve is never dull

Fashioned just for me.

Never leave home without you.


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endless stories swirl in my head fueled by coffee!

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  • DJ Servahits11 months ago


LEFWritten by LEF

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