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Love Which Side

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By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Love Which Side
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Love, a force unseen, a whispered rhyme,

A tapestry of threads, both dark and sublime.

Two sides it holds, a coin forever tossed,

One, a gentle breeze, the other, tempest-crossed.

On Passion's Wing

First comes the rush, a fire in the heart,

A breathless dance where logic plays no part.

Two souls ignite, a blaze that consumes all,

In stolen glances, whispers answer love's call.

The world transforms, bathed in a rosy hue,

Flaws unseen, perfection shining through.

Hands touch, a spark, a current that ignites,

Desire burns fierce, fueled by moonlit nights.

Laughter rings out, a symphony so sweet,

Every touch a poem, every word complete.

Dreams intertwine, futures held as one,

This passionate dance, a race beneath the sun.

But passion's flame, though vibrant, cannot last,

For embers fade, the initial heat surpassed.

Reality creeps in, shadows start to fall,

And imperfections whisper a silent call.

Where Shadows Creep

The honeymoon fades, anxieties arise,

Differences surface, questions in their eyes.

Will these dreams we chase, these promises we made,

Survive the storms of life, the sun and the shade?

Love, once a whirlwind, settles in to stay,

A deeper connection, tested every day.

Compromise steps in, a delicate art,

To weave a tapestry where two beating hearts

Can find a rhythm, a steady, trusting beat,

Through anger's roar, and moments bittersweet.

Love's second face, a quiet, enduring flame,

Not the first spark's intensity, yet all the same.

The Thorns of Possessiveness

Yet love, like a rose, can hold a hidden thorn,

A jealous heart, a possessiveness born.

The need to control, to bind the other tight,

Can smother the fire, extinguish love's light.

Doubt whispers secrets, seeds of discontent,

Trust erodes, a love no longer meant

For growth and freedom, but for selfish gain,

Leaving a cage where hearts once felt no pain.

The Bitter Fruit of Unrequited Love

Love's unreturned, a tale both old and new,

A yearning gaze met with a distant view.

The weight of longing, a burden hard to bear,

A silent symphony, a love without a prayer.

Unreciprocated feelings, a lonely plight,

Watching another bathed in another's light.

The sting of rejection, a bitter, burning tear,

A love unblossomed, a future steeped in fear.

The Shadow of Betrayal

But love can turn, a betrayal's cruel sting,

A broken trust, a shattered offering.

Promises shattered, vows whispered in vain,

Leaving a void, a heart forever stained.

Forgiveness, a journey long and hard to tread,

Can love survive the scars, the whispered words unsaid?

The choice remains, to rebuild or let it fall,

To rise above the ashes, or witness love's funeral.

The Enduring Light of Sacrifice

Love, however, wears a stronger guise,

A selfless act, where one for another cries.

A parent's unwavering love, a constant guide,

Through scraped knees and failures, a love that can't hide.

Love of a friend, a bond that sees us through,

Celebrating triumphs, sharing burdens too.

Love's tapestry woven with threads of pure gold,

Where sacrifice blooms, a story yet untold.

Love's Many Faces

Love, a kaleidoscope, a million shades of light,

From fleeting passion to enduring might.

A battlefield of emotions, a tender embrace,

It leaves its mark on every time and space.

So which side of love? The answer's not so clear,

For love's a journey, a spectrum both bright and near.

It's the dance we choose, the battles we fight,

To nourish the flame, and hold onto the light.

For in the end, love, though complex and unknown,

Is the greatest gift, a seed forever sown.

To nurture with care, to let it freely bloom,

Love's tapestry unfolds, defying the gloom.


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Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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