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By eBook BasketPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
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- Is it okay to say I love you in public?

+ It doesn't matter

- Aren't you afraid?

+ Is it a mistake to love?

- not...

+ So, wherever you are, say 'I love you...'', even if it was a world ago, why are you afraid to give a kiss full of love?

- Ties can be broken. Then how to face?

+ to whom

- To the people of the country

+ Are there eternal bonds that will never end?

- not

So then?

- Not so. When everyone knows that you are in love, how will you answer the questions asked if the bond is broken?

+ What are the problems?

- You were so in love when you asked what happened? When you hear that and laugh at the bitch?

+ I was in love, because I lost my love, Atheria says. It's simple.

- People laugh then

+ Why don't people laugh?

- Mmm

+ Listen to holding hands and saying love and pretending to love one or two. Be afraid to act in public but don't be afraid to say love or love...

- Mmm

+ The beginning of a relationship has an end. We just don't know when and where it will end. Accept it. Be in love in the moments. Let the mind escape one day...

- Mmm

+ People without understanding are the ones who laugh at other people in these places...

- That's right too...

+ No matter what others think, love in secret if you want, love in public if you want. It is entirely your right. But whatever you do, don't pretend to be honest in both. Because in that case, no matter what people say, you are the right person according to your heart...

Then I write: When love is like a parameter, no one can destroy it!

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