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Without Judging

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By eBook BasketPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I stopped telling people things a long time ago Andrew. I haven't met anyone who can read me until today !

You think nobody listens to you Jenny ?

No Andrew. Anyone who wants to listen can but no one can stop judging ! I haven't met someone who listened to me without judgement!

Why do you say that ?

Different angle of man to man, understanding things, thinking about things, Andrew. What makes you so sad can be a sand dunes to me. So we need to learn to listen without judging others whether we can give ourselves a solution or not !

Sometimes you understand things too deep Laura.. I don't know !

Here's the thought I've been telling you all this time Andrew ! Really not everyone can listen without judging the other. But that's what we should get used to !

Sometimes your judgement can fall even further down from that person's mentality!

PS: Listen without judging if you can! Even if there is no solution, it will be a relief for that person!


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