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Love story (57)


By Love storyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In the shadows of my days gone by

Regret's heavy burden makes me sigh

Too late

I see her kindness shine

A gem in her heart

Pure and fine

Her love

A treasure I failed to grasp

In ignorance

Our bond did clasp

Now I stand in remorseful gloom

Wishing I'd embraced her warmth's bloom

Her care

A river that never ceased

A calming balm

A love released

But time slipped by

Like grains of sand

And slipped through fingers

Like moments grand

Oh, to turn back and mend my ways

To bask in love's eternal rays

Regret now fills my silent cries

A lesson learned

A promise to shield from every storm

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Love story

My heart, forever yours to keep

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