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Love's Spellbinding

The Enchantment of Love's Power

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Love's spellbinding, a force to be reckoned with,

A feeling that's deep and true,

It's a magic that pulls us in,

And we surrender to its hue.

It's a flame that burns so bright,

A fire that lights up the night,

It's a bond that's pure and right,

A love that's worth the fight.

Love's spellbinding, it takes us away,

On a journey of joy and bliss,

It's a feeling that's here to stay,

A love that's hard to dismiss.

It's a whisper that calls our name,

A touch that ignites the flame,

It's a bond that's never the same,

A love that's free from shame.

Love's spellbinding, it can take our breath away,

As we lose ourselves in its embrace,

It's a feeling that's here to stay,

A love that we can't replace.

It's a bond that's pure and strong,

A love that will carry us along,

It's a feeling that we belong,

A love that will never do us wrong.

Love's spellbinding, a journey we can't ignore,

A path that we must take,

It's a feeling that we can't deplore,

A love that's worth the heartache.

It's a journey that will take us far,

A love that's brighter than the stars,

It's a feeling that's worth the scars,

A love that's free from bars.

Love's spellbinding, a feeling we can't deny,

A bond that's hard to break,

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It's a love that will never die,

A feeling that we can't mistake.

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Watch my hot vidoes

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