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Love's Secrets Under Moonlight

Whispers in the Moonlight"

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Love's Secrets Under Moonlight
Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

In the hush of night, beneath the moon's soft light,

Love's secrets unfold, veiled from sight.

Under the celestial glow, a dance of hearts,

Whispered words, where love imparts.

In the stillness of the midnight hour,

A tapestry woven, love's hidden power.

Whispers float on gentle breeze,

Revealing desires, hopes, and dreams.

Under the moon's enchanting spell,

Love's secrets in soft shadows dwell.

In stolen glances and tender touch,

Hearts entwined, yearning so much.

The moon, a witness to love's clandestine affair,

Casting its glow on the secrets they share.

Each word, a melody, a serenade,

Guiding their hearts through the night's cascade.

In the moonlight's embrace, they find solace,

Love's secrets woven with delicate grace.

A symphony of whispers, a song untold,

Creating a love story, pure and bold.

Under the canopy of stars above,

Love's secrets revealed, a testament of love.

In this ethereal moment, they find release,

A sanctuary of passion, a sense of peace.

Oh, the mysteries that the moon unveils,

Love's secrets under its ethereal trails.

In this celestial dance, they find delight,

Bound together in love's enchanting light.

So, let the moon be their silent guide,

As love's secrets, under moonlight, reside.

In this nocturnal symphony, they're intertwined,

Forever united, their souls aligned.

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  • Magret11 months ago

    Enjoyed your poem

  • sfgdb11 months ago

    i really like your poems

  • Osili11 months ago


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