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Spellbound by Love's Melody"

Captivated by Love's Harmonies

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Spellbound by Love's Melody"
Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

In a realm where hearts entwine,

A love story with a melody divine,

Two souls, like notes, began to dance,

Spellbound by love's enchanting trance.

The melody played, sweet and clear,

Whispering secrets only they could hear,

Strings of passion strummed in tune,

Their love unfolding, like a blossom in June.

With every note, their spirits soared,

In harmonies of love, they explored,

A symphony of emotions, tender and true,

Binding their souls, a love that grew.

Spellbound by love's melodic embrace,

They twirled in rhythm, with grace,

Every verse, a sweet serenade,

A love symphony that will never fade.

Together they danced, in perfect accord,

Their hearts synchronized, their love adored,

The music guided their every move,

A union of souls, in love's grove.

No distance could break their connection,

Love's melody bridged any separation,

Through highs and lows, they stood strong,

Their bond enduring, forever long.

In this symphony, their love did unfold,

A tale of passion, a story untold,

Spellbound they remained, forevermore,

United by love's melody's allure.

So let the melody of love play on,

A timeless tune that can never be gone,

In their hearts, the melody shall reside,

Spellbound by love, forever tied.

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  • sfgdb11 months ago

    good poem

  • Osili11 months ago

    In love with your poem

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