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Love’s Gentle Touch

A Tender Bond

By OptimalEdgePublished about a month ago 1 min read
Love’s Gentle Touch
Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

In the stillness of a summer’s night,

Where stars and dreams take gentle flight,

There blooms a love, both soft and warm,

A tender touch in life’s great storm.

Beneath the moon’s embracing glow,

Two hearts entwine and gently grow,

Each touch a whisper, soft and kind,

A love that soothes the restless mind.

Through moments fleeting, days so bright,

In shadows dark and morning light,

They find a peace within each other,

A bond that time could never smother.

Yet in the silence, hope does gleam,

A love that’s more than just a dream,

Of tomorrows filled with endless light,

A love that makes the heart take flight.

So cherish love’s soft, gentle hand,

In every whisper, understand,

For in each heart, a bond does form,

A love that keeps us safe and warm.

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Hi I'm OptimalEdge. I've been writing my whole life. Writing about realms to escape in, forbidden characters to fall in love with. Sometimes writing opens up the soul to healing, learning, and eventually to living again

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