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Love of hurt

Fire of vengeance

By Xiovi SnowPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

I was lost in the woods

not enough tender to make a fire

the unhinged on hinged put their hopes

on a tree

heart-shaped signals made out of smoke

that's that new age desire

but I know what burns I know what burns

yes it was not the eighth from my barber

it was not an estate without my father

it was the faith of my heart leaving safe


I must be the bad guy you asked for the

divorce three weeks after my dad died

than I snapped my synopsis chopped me

with small Flint axes now I'm like a

baby trying to orient myself with the

spin of a burning wood on the fire

with a burning wood on its fire

Pains of the past

and fears of future failures leave me to

cast spells to make my heart the braver

Sailor Taylor Made healing is the

process of hand sewing seams that seem

impossible to redeem my sanctity

my dignity

but what's the snake to do but just stare until sun rises now

don't rival the curves of the Venus I

wake up to your mind's thinking hips

minds thinking lips have you ever seen

her smile

a laugh that borderlines on childlike

and Barney and body

port wine sipper she likes it a Tawny

sorry y'all


very special person hold on

her laugh it borderlines on childlike

and body language wine sipper her favorite wine

giggles at death and dies from

secondhand embarrassment has a walk that

could stop a room but doesn't have a

lick of arrogance her love doesn't waver

it's like a a compass going north no


she consumes me like a womb I am held in

her arms she tells me the things I need

to know because I know I can be in harm

she loves me at my worst

she loves me at my worst

she put the brakes on my Hearst and it

must be from the kisses that she's

pouring I know when she stares at me

it's only those eyes that I'm adoring

she makes me feel foreign she makes me

feel exotic she makes me feel crazy

about her

but the best part about it

is that I've figured it out

I have completely figured it out yes all

is fair in Love and War

I'm just happy that my pillow doesn't

have to bench press my nightmares


Now it only holds her up a Sleeping


I know what burns I know what burns yes

but now I know what soothes me

thank you

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About the Creator

Xiovi Snow

I love to read mediated and help people reading is what I love to do.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    I'm just happy that my pillow doesn't have to bench press my nightmares anymore These were my favourite lines. Fantastic poem!

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