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Love at first sight.

Just one gaze, that’s all it took for their hearts to be intertwined.

By Blossom Okafor Published 4 months ago 1 min read

In a world where magic weaves its might, A tale unfolds of love at first sight. Two souls collided in a fleeting glance, A dance of fate, a cosmic romance.

In crowded streets where strangers passed, their eyes connected, time held fast. A spark ignited, a fire took flight, as destiny whispered, "This is right."

In that brief moment, hearts intertwined, A symphony played within their minds. No words were spoken, yet both hearts knew, Love's gentle melody, pure and true.

Like a blossoming flower in the early morn, Love's sweet enchantment was newly born. Their souls embraced the ethereal glow, A connection deeper than they could show.

With each heartbeat, their bond grew strong, their souls entwined, where they belong. The universe whispered its secret decree, that love at first sight was meant to be.

Through trials and storms, they stood side by side, Love's guiding light, forever their guide. For in that instant, their spirits aligned, two souls united, destiny defined.

So let the sceptics doubt and question, but they shall never grasp this affection. For love at first sight is a sacred art, A connection formed from the depths of the heart.

And in this tale, forever it will be, that love's true magic, they both could see. A love ignited by a single gaze, A testament to love's mysterious ways.

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