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Looked into your eye

I fell apart when i saw those tears in your eyes, those pretty lies were telling me the truth; and it hurt me alot.

By Tamseel HussainPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Blue night having those stars shine high in sky means alot.

When i Looked into your eyes

I didn’t say a word when I saw you

I knew what you saw

I fell apart when I saw you

Your eyes had small tears

Your fears were hurting me

We kept everything inside

i trapped your smiles

It looks like your miles away from me

I looked for you everywhere

Nowhere I could find you

I fell apart when I looked into your eyes

No one sees you, but I fell apart just like those stars

When I look into your eyes it hurts

I knew how you felt from inside

We keep everything inside

I fell apart when I looked inside your eyes


Tamseel Hussain


Every time it rains, I have different feelings for this person. I can’t explain more what my poem means because it explains itself when you read it.

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About the Creator

Tamseel Hussain

Hi,So happy your here, Alhamdulillah for everything because I'm always blessed I love to write about what I see, think and feel, usually I write about poems. I'm a Shiane ALI as. Labaik Yahussain so readers please always shine.



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