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Long Miles Travelled

A Lyrical Poem About Looking Towards A Positive Future.

By Carol TownendPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Long Miles Travelled
Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

You've come too far, too far to let this end,

This is a brand-new journey, A time to heal

the pain.

You've been through your share of problems;

Now it's time to stop the rain.

These have been long roads traveled,

And now it's your turn to shine.

The stars are all around you,

Glittering in the sky;

You know that you've got it in you,

To travel those miles,

And reach that mountain high.

There is no more suffering, no more;

No more crying today,

These are long miles traveled,

And you have the strength, to

travel all the way.

All it takes is to be caring, caring towards yourself;

Ensure that the love is never-ending,

And you'll find your way,

To reach that goal someday.

So while you continue your journey;

Remember what you've already achieved,

Though these are long miles traveled;

There are more dreams to reach,

More stars to shine,

And more dreams to achieve.

Always remember you're worthy, you're worthy;

Beautiful, valued, and loved,

The future is now brighter,

And you'll shine like a star;

Because your dreams are never far away.

These are long miles traveled,

And you've been hurt along the way;

But you've done the work, and now you can smile;

And travel many more miles,

And live your beautiful dream.

These are long miles traveled,

Yes, these are long miles traveled;

These are long miles traveled,

But where ever you go,

Your love will always shine too,

And you'll break through.

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Carol Townend

Fiction, Horror, Sex, Love, Mental Health, Children's fiction and more. You'll find many stories in my profile. I don't believe in sticking with one Niche! I write, but I also read a lot too.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was brimming with positivity! So uplifting and wonderful!

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