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Living in a Dream

Dream Melody

By Mercedes ChavezPublished 28 days ago 1 min read

Together, the chaos does not exist

Living for the little moments

Our laughter filling the air

Sunlight hitting your eyes, always makes them look like pools of melted honey

Lazy days being the best

Days of only lying in bed curled up together

To feel your heart of stone crumble in my arms

Everything goes still and all I can hear is your sleepy breathing

I place kisses on the soft spot behind your ear

My hand twirling strands of your hair

My fingertips gently trail down from your neck

Lightly tracing the outline of the tattoo on your back

When you roll over

I live for laying my head on your chest

The steady beat of your heart plays as a calming melody in my head

Eyes grow heavy

I start to drift of every time

How do I fade into a dream

When I already exist in one

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About the Creator

Mercedes Chavez

Come with me, lets go on an adventure together, see the world through my eyes, let me paint a picture with my words, I promise you will be able to feel what I felt the first time I experienced it. Love, sadness and everything in between.

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