Little Rhymes

A Collection of My Little Poems

Little Rhymes

Delicate fingers



Move towards mine

Interlace them

Interweave them

Make a tapestry


Your slow breaths are warm

Your hands are warm

I am cold

Hold me

Hold me

Defeat Today

Lifeless prisoners beg to be released

To let fresh air fill their lungs with light that won't be freed

We have one heart that's beating

Contained inside its cage

Set free it may start bleeding

or thrive in turns of page

Defeat is met by comfort of our neighbors' hands

The gap that lies between us

Is closing as we stand

A depression that begs for triumph

Finally faces defeat

For now,

My battle is over

Until the eve will break


You have become much like me

Please don't let this be trickery

I don't know if I can stand another fight

Just let me sleep for the night

Don't kiss mother's cheek before you go

It is too painful for you to know

Terms of affection only worked long before

Your relationship soiled and burned to the floor

I see you taking your stuff

Out of this family's home

Once your house

Now another's abode

What do you do when all the happy has become long gone?


Regardless of the family's grime

Their house remains sanitary

Glasses clean but never clear

Their house remains sanitary

Shoes are polished but never shine

Jackets crisp and pants ironed

But never fully worn

Beds are made but never straight

Shelves are dusted but never pure

And their house remains



We lie in the snow and silently wish to die

You and I

Let's leave it all behind

We don't like running

But I don't mind

If it makes the journey to Hell a little faster

Our differences make us alive

Not alike

The same blood

Not face

I don't know if I want to survive this flood

We can swim together if you'd like

Something tells me you might

Let's let go of this branch

It'll eventually break anyways

Glum and gloomy another mistake


Clorox -

The leading provider of bleach

A whitener that cleans all mistakes

But am I sure that I want them taken away?

My weaknesses, my mess-ups, my mistakes

Make me better

And I would never change them

So would I want them gone?

The reminders of the days when the world was not fond of me

Or would I rather keep them

To deepen all the meanings

Of the days to come

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