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By Plan Execute ProfitPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
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I am the light

That will cleanse all

I’m the builder of all that is good and love

In a world that chooses to destroy and hate

I am the cornerstone of unity.

The conqueror of all that divides

I am the teacher who questions.

Who continues to learn?

The student who doesn’t speak

I’m the greatest threat this world has ever known

I cannot be

I will not be





All fitting names

I can not be labeled.

My purpose is clear

Although why I

I am not certain

I’ve never wanted to be apart of this world

And now I know I never was

There’s no grey area in

right nor wrong

correct or incorrect

The law can not contain

what the creators have put in place


I used to question why people are scared of me

I see they were my enemies.me.

I wondered why people feared their creator...

I’ve never known anyone who’s ready to destroy what they’ve worked so hard to create.

Unless it didn’t do what fancies the creator’s taste.

I am the greatest creation, So what should I fear?

I should have died a few too many times

I’ve walked amongst men others dare not.

Stood still in storms others fled

Dealt with punishments I thought I couldn’t bare

I am still here

I am being trained

What is unknown?

It is the undiscovered...

So what again is unknown


The unfathomable

Childs play

In time, all will see

When you live in the world, you die

When you inner-stand your place

You’ll then question.

What is death?

The only thing that limits us

The limits one sets upon itself


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  • Anna 4 months ago

    Beautiful thoughts!! Well done!

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