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Letting Go

By Natalie Marie Stefani Rice

Letting Go
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And the time will come when you find yourself slowly pulling away.

You begin to disassociate yourself with the couple status that you identified with for years.

You yearn to be yourself again .

It begins slowly like a child playing at the ocean shoreline daring the waves to catch his tiny toes.

A little by a little you begin to find yourself and trust enough to let go.

But not until then.

You watch the one you hurt begin to hurt more.

And it begins to hurt you less.

Days go by much faster than they once did and the sunrise seems to have a different glow.

The part of your that was mourning feels less pain and you are able to watch an entire sunset alone again.

You see her picture and it moves you, but not like it first did when her image was everywhere you went.

And you long for her, as recognize her scent on an old sweater you decided it's time to wash.

Days passing turn into weeks and soon a holiday goes by and you whisper to her good night before you lay down alone in your bed.

It's then that you realize and accept that you are so all alone.

Seasons pass, seasons change and she seldom runs across your mind anymore.

Meals have become more filling and you begin to wonder how she has been; if she's eating, if she's warm.

You wonder now will you ever see her again.

The circles you move in still are common and one day someone says her name and you turn your head sideways, knowing it couldn't be true, and if it was, what would you do?

Would you stop the world long enough so she can get off and come to you?

Would you dim the brightness of the moon long enough to steal a few stars for her to show her you still love her?

Silently staring at the ground, you know you simply would push her away.

And you begin to think about her less.

In your heart you hope for her nothing but the best.

And you dive into the ocean the next chance you get.

Your body yearns for her touch, your soul aches for her but now your spirit is free.

It was most difficult but slowly you let her be.

And now you leave her to grow, you know that you should.

Honestly you wouldn't have left if everything was good.

You think back on that life every once in a while.

You remember your wife and her beautiful smile.

Now that you've grown a little inside, you are able to laugh at the good times; it was one hell of a ride.

The next time you see your friends they are all talking how she's come a long way.

Where would you guys be if you decided to stay?

Time stops for no one- you have learned that lesson well.

She was your angel, that's the story you tell.

Good byes are so hard but they are part of life.

And closure is necessary when dealing with strife.

Along the way hearts will get broken and often feelings get hurt when words are mispoken.

Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
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Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice

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