Letting Go

by Skye Bothma 2 years ago in heartbreak

A Piece About Letting Go of Hope

Letting Go

I held on for so long,

believing by sheer will and faith that it could work.

I grew tired,

the task grew harder.

So, the day came that my grip loosened,

and I…




In a great rush, like a plane losing cabin pressure,

all that I held onto was swept away and I was wrenched upwards.

The distance between us became so great I could no longer see you.

The rushing has subsided and I am floating in the sky,

the sad ashes of my heart scattered to the wind.

My soul released now weightless,

watches the clouds dance.

Skye Bothma
Skye Bothma
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Skye Bothma

Skye is an author and artist living the country dream in rural New Zealand. She's terminally single, and lives with her pet rabbit, Trixie. Follow her at: www.facebook.com/skyebothmanz or visit her website: www.skyebothma.nz

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