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Lead With Love

Forget The Hate

By ChevyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Lead With Love
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The Old You Has To Change

You Don’t Stay A Baby Forever

Growing Up Is Apart Of The Plan

After You Fall


Fall A Few Times

Why You Think Getting Up

Gets That Weight Off Your Shoulders

Now You Stronger

Believe In What You What

Understand The Things That Come With The Goal

Pain And Joy

The Goal Is Life

You Doing Gods Work By Living When He Can’t

Things Happen You Know?

You Want To Control It As Well?

Looking Past The Future And Live In The Now

But Do It With Grace

No Grace?

Do It How You Want

There Was A Rule Book To Life?

Like Step By Step With Categories On Different Ways To Go Through Life?


Must Of Missed It

Your Fault

Keep The Book Though Incase You Need It Still After This

Just Live

We Get To Do What We Want

Read That Again

Drink Your Water

Lead With Love

You Can Never Say It Too Many Times

Follow Your Truth

Love On You

There’s Nothing Better Than Finding You

Heard It Too Many?

Find Inner Peace There’s Plenty

People Living Different Than You

It’s Fine

Acceptance Is Apart Of Growth

Understanding And Valuing Your Worth

Brings You Peace

We All Need Love Yes

Where’s Your Self Love And Does It Give As Much As You Need?

Guess What?

It Better

That Brings Another Existence Into Your Realm You May Be Searching For

Look Up First

Smiling But You Hiding That Burst

It’s Not Important Right Now?


It’s Personal Right?

I Get It My Baby

You Deserve Your Space

But You Deserve To Hold That Smile Hostage?

What’s Wrong?

Let It Out

Your Peace Is Waiting



Remember You Needed Out Here

If You Don’t Count Then Who Does?

Smile My Baby

Where Them Pearlys

Everybody Ain’t Everybody So Chin Up

It’s Life

We Posed To Live

Be Blessed Of The Moments

Don’t Hold Back You

Blessings Are Meant For You

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