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Layla's Eyes

A Song of Desert Beauty (In the Manner of the Ancient Bedouins)

By mahmoud elsaadPublished about a month ago 1 min read

By day, the sun ignites the sand,

A scorching gaze across the land.

But in your eyes, Layla, I see,

A moonlit oasis, cool and free.

Your brows, like arches dark and bold,

Frame depths of night, a story told.

Black as the desert after rain,

Where hidden stars begin to reign.

They hold the secrets of the night,

A lover's sigh, a whispered plight.

Like pools of deepest indigo,

They drown me in their gentle flow.

No desert flower, no jewel bright,

Can match the beauty of your sight.

For in your eyes, my love, I find,

A reflection of my heart and mind.

So let the poets sing your praise,

Of raven hair and moonlit gaze.

Layla, my love, forever true,

A desert rose, I sing of you.

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mahmoud elsaad


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  • Bewabout a month ago

    Amazing congratulations, can you read mine also?

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