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Children of the Sand

In the Manner of the Desert Bards

By mahmoud elsaadPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Across the sands, where sun beats down,

My loyal friend, with nary a frown.

Jamal, my camel, strong and tall,

You answer every desert call.

Your hump, a mountain, stores the way,

For journeys long, beneath the day.

Your leathery skin, a desert shield,

From scorching winds and dangers sealed.

Your eyes, so wise, reflect the stars,

Guiding us through the moonlit spars.

Your gentle steps, a rhythmic beat,

A lullaby for desert heat.

With each soft groan, a story told,

Of ancient lands and merchants bold.

You carry dreams on silent stride,

A faithful friend, by my side.

No horse so swift, no car so grand,

Can match the bond across the sand.

For you, Jamal, are more than beast,

A desert partner, put to the test.

So let the poets sing your praise,

Of strength and loyalty through desert days.

My noble camel, forever true,

My steadfast steed, I sing of you.

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  • jhonnyabout a month ago


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