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Beneath the Crescent Moon

A Nomad's Paean to the Camel

By mahmoud elsaadPublished about a month ago 1 min read
 Beneath the Crescent Moon
Photo by Saj Shafique on Unsplash

The weaver of sand, with silent, slow tread,

He threads through the dunes, where secrets are bred.

No map guides his steps, just an instinct so deep,

A compass within, where forgotten stars sleep.

His coat, like the desert, a tapestry vast,

Tells stories of journeys that forever will last.

Sun-bleached and worn, with a weathered grace,

He carries the whispers of time on his face.

The wind sings a song in his calloused ear,

Of oases yet hidden, a haven so dear.

He kneels at the well, a patient, wise soul,

A link to the past, as the future unfolds.

With each steady step, on the sun-baked expanse,

He weaves tales of courage, a desert romance.

The weaver of sand, a legend untold,

A creature of magic, with a heart of pure gold.

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