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by Francis L 2 days ago in surreal poetry

From top to the ground

Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

Form over the world,

whose I saw it has been whirled ;

On my skyscraper

I could dream for a longtime.

But then, however,

I get down from my tower

leaving the power

I hoped having forever.

All I remember

vanished swiftly into slime ;

a quick stream of steam

appeared as in a bad dream.

But that was all truth

even if I believed in couth -

human inventions

are brittler than intentions ...

It's only one small,

very weak event which crashed

upon that big, tall

concrete and metal mast bashed,

My point of view from the sky

crumbled with a fast last fly.

By Dan Seddon on Unsplash

surreal poetry

Francis L

I present on my Vocal space meaningful half-short poetry, for now.

This may change in the future.

You can also find me at this Medium adress (there they are all different writtings from here) : medium.com/@francis-l

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Francis L
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