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Kuna Matata

A poem

By Gal MuxPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Kuna Matata
Photo by Valentin Müller on Unsplash

Kuna matata

The rivers are drying

The fishes are dying

The leaves are greying

The trees are falling

The food is dwindling

Kuna matata

The sun is fading

The rain is cutting

The moon is darkening

The wind is whirling

The air is chocking

Kuna matata

The light is dimming

The darkness is crippling

The shades are unmanning

The shadows are frightening

The hollows are terrifying

Kuna matata

The flame is dulling

The fire is blurring

The energy is weakening

The zeal is palling

The vigour is flatting

Kuna matata

The neck is stooping

The bones are squeaking

The knees are frailing

The heads are hurting

The hearts are aching

Kuna matata

The burden is growing

The load is steeping

The weight is mounting

The pressure is rising

The work is killing

Kuna matata

The words are failing

The language is fizzling

The songs are ebbing

The rhythm is withering

The music is sinking

Kuna matata

The faith is failing

The hope is floundering

The love is afflicting

The peace is flailing

The soul is yearning

Kuna matata

The tears are falling

The wails are deafening

The sorrow is creeping

The pain is tormenting

The agony is wounding

Kuna matata

The children are crying

The mothers are wailing

The fathers are scuffling

The brothers are struggling

The people are suffering

Kuna matata

Copyright ©️ Gal Mux 2021

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