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Knock, Knock

Will you answer when love knocks?

By Imani WaltonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Knock, Knock
Photo by Zulian Firmansyah on Unsplash

When love knocks,

Do not answer the door

The place is still a mess from her last visit and you haven’t had time to clean

She promised to help but disappeared instead

When love rings the doorbell,

Lock the deadbolt

The pain of her leaving can never exist if you never let her in

Time may heal wounds, but not scars

When love peeks in the window to see if you’re home,

Close the curtains

Ignore her promises

That she doesn’t care what you look like

That she doesn’t care about your past

That this time will be different

That this time, she’s here to stay

When love arrives,

Remind her that she’s the one who left

And you’ve changed the lock

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About the Creator

Imani Walton

I used to write all the time and someway, somehow lost my way. Here’s me finding my passion again! I hope you enjoy

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