Kiss of Judas

A Poem

Kiss of Judas

Your happiness is my favorite prayer request,

With you I reach my tranquility crest,

In simpler words: I feel blessed,

But anyone from the outside looking in could see the forthcoming mess,

Everyone could see you give me the Kiss of Judas.

We're just in a plight,

Wrong place, right person, wrong time,

I could exonerate the desolation from your hands,

I'll disregard the pain,

I'll condemn myself before I let them speak ill of your name,

Before you walk away for the last time, lie to me,

Say you'll remember me and how this is for the best,

Then give me the sweetest Kiss of Judas.

Give me your saccharine speech,

Say how you desire to be better for me,

Out of all your sensations say my energy is the one you always crave,

Say how I make you lose yourself in your own mind and turn it into a maze,

Blacken my purest intentions,

And when the world asks for an explanation I'll say I tarnished my own heart, even when they see the blood stained on your hands,

I'll be your protection from any and all retribution,

All I ask for is the Kiss of Judas.

Before you forget me like your childhood scars, I'll take you into my arms, in a state of perfect bliss, knowing all your betrayal,

I'll say how I knew all along

And allow you to give me the final Kiss of Judas.

In bed I'll lay, to God I'll confess that "There's only one kiss that is more treacherous than that of the follower Judas"

And he'll respond "My child, who's do you say?"

And I'll mutter the words,

"The Kiss of Lady Kae" .

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