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Kindred Spirits

by Lestin Wilson 13 days ago in love poems

A bond that passes through generations

Kindred Spirits
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

A bond that is formed by two souls synced naturally

An unspoken unison to create a beautiful companionship.

We are connected, and our energy flows within us.

As it flows, we become entities that grow to encourage unconditionally.

You and I are kindred spirits that have fated to cross paths for every lifetime.

A Kindred Spirit is truly a unique bond that has an unspoken deep connection between two entities. I can't express what a Kindred Spirit is because this relationship goes beyond what our mind can be capable of. However, through emotions and sensations, I can say everything flows, and there's only purity. To meet your Kindred Spirit is a spectacular phenomenon where it is indeed an experience for once in your lifetime. For those who found their Kindred Spirit, cherish and grow together until the next generation. As for those who haven't discovered their Kindred Spirit, fret not, for it will come to you when the timing is right, and you will know when you find your Kindred Spirit.

love poems
Lestin Wilson
Lestin Wilson
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