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Kenwood House

a poem

By Ella ValentinePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read

It was hot out

I watched the sweat

collect on your skin

while the earth licked her wounds and everything was subsumed into her landscape, including us.

I felt my life peeling away from me and not even you,

not even you could save me.

Prove me wrong, come

come to my rescue.

I'm too afraid to plunge so I watch you swim from aside -

forever seems like too short a ride

with you

an instant seems like an eternity

with you.

Come near, come near, come near

as I become a littoral zone

a safe harbour for your ship to moor in.

And here we go again...

you pull away again and I go into another tailspin -

"Why are you still here?"

"Why haven't you changed?"

Tired souls breezing through life,

the tequila is cheap and the sunsets last beyond midnight,

triviality at its best- until you say something and save me

from drowning in torturous thoughts.

My fingers stretch into spans of horizon - whatever I look for,

I already have; sunbathing at the ponds by Kenwood House

watching you swim -

nothing will ever feel as good as it does today.

You come out of the water and look my way, I smile

as I mark the page of my book:

This is finally the beginning.

love poems

About the Creator

Ella Valentine

A poet and screenwriter based between NYC, LA and London. I'd love to connect with fellow creatives - feel free to reach out to me!

Twitter: @_EllaValentine

Instagram: ella.vn

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