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keep one foot on the platform

by carouselponyshow about a month ago in love poems
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a carousel pony show poem

dear moon, do you recall?

that warning whistle

when it ricocheted

across the snow covered,

canyon wall

replacing unremitting lyrics

that echo in her head

a steam engine,

steadily racing

towards a narrow bend

dear moon, do you recall?

teaching her when to trust,

when it’s okay to fall

holding her hand in the dark

reminding her after rain,

these rails won’t rust

don’t plead with gain


that time you taught her to believe

the friction beneath her feet,

was always meant to be

when she should grip the steel handle,

or dangle her feet,

over the edge

of a tangible mantle

dear moon, I recall

losing track of time

talking to the freckles

in the clear,

deep blue sky

my nose was cold

my heart was warm

dear moon,

talk soon

don’t stay far,

for too long

love poems

About the author


My writing reflects a concatenation of words which ultimately unravel my intricately exquisite existence, as a carousel pony .

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