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How it Goes Down

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

Come in the door not knowing what to expect to transpire; Just know I'm first juvenile ever brought to this jail, feels like I'm under the microscope wire.

Even the guards aren't sure what they can or should do with me; Which in turn makes life easier to accept with how I get to be.

Have power to my cell 24/7 so 📺 tv is never turned off; Plus I'm in the largest cell in the entire jail can make your head begin to puff.

Like I'm more important than what I am all cause they have no course of action to use; Being the first is a gift and a curse, sometimes you win while other times you lose.

For example, a sergeant at the time would do this twice a week; Bring me a Whopper meal from the Burger 👑 King across the street.

Also for lunch would receive a soup plus a sandwich; All other inmates only got soup so that starts making others to get jealous.

So as easy as it seemed to be for first 2 months or so in the jail; Once got put on a cell block was met with contempt plus hate from everyone around my cell.

Now just to be up front and 100% real bout my experience Was so afraid of the unknown heading to the cell block that I almost had a moment of incontinence.

That been good first impression to all the inmates on C9; An inmate coming in that soiled himself is definitely in for some hard time.

Luckily for me my bladder held so that disaster I got to avoid; One that didn't was being checked at first opportunity to test if I was a 17 year old man or little boy.

Must say with glowing pride that I passed with flying colors I knocked a grown ass man out with one punch like been taught by my big brother.

For once, my brother doing time actually benefited me. Always paid attention to everything he taught me coming up since had no Father to teach.

My Father figure was my brother as well as the gangsters and hustlers out on the block; Learned and graduated from school of hard knocks at the top of the crop.

Took my lessons to heart especially since it was all I know to do; Always give 110% in whatever I done regardless of potential rewards when thru.

So I was the best gang member I could possibly be especially when came to being silent; Taught never to speak to cops, if they want something from you make them work and find it.

Was raised in the vain of the now extinct values of the old school; You got your word and your balls, you break either for anyone you just a dumb fool.

Don't snitch on your worst enemy since a snitch is a snitch; Don't matter the circumstances or why if u snitch then you just flat out a bitch.

Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches was motto I still adhere to; Like I say you can't teach an old dog new tricks so don't waste my time if that's what you intend to do .

Just know every action does have a reaction in counter to it; Been 26 years since I was juve in jail yet that charge still sticks to me like stink on shit .

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