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By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

What could make you my enemy from the moment you arrive? Let's start with the most obvious is your skin color white.

Do not get the wrong idea based off my first statement since I to am a white boy; However if you walk on this block and your unknown then you may end up being my new toy.

And not talking sexual, more like my GI Joe doll come to life; As in my new weapon to dispense at my leisure to be let loose and strike.

If you can handle that then you have a chance to remain alive; If not then you had best be praying to your God to figure out how you will survive.

My bad, where are my manners, please allow me to introduce myself; I'm the top dog on this yard and I control every move you make once you hit your cell.

No conversation needed , hell not a single word has to be said; Cause if one wrong syllable leaves your lips by end of your first night you will be dead.!

If your not in tune with how things work here have no worries; You will either learn quick or end up in the cemetery .

This just the way of the world where we happen to reside , Been that way long before me and damn well will be long after I die .

So for however long I am lucky enough to run this place; I will rule with an iron fist with no mercy shown living on my real estate.

So I'll give you to the count of 5 to make your choice; Before that, you see those 2 massive tattooed peckerwoods staring at you looking annoyed?

That my friend is your welcome party regardless of what you decide; How welcoming that party will be is all on you to pick and quantify .

Make wrong decision and I promise be nothing to speak on or justify . While you having your asshole ripped out your mouth I'll be in my cell getting high.

Now if you can make to the point that you with me blazing down; Then you have arrived and may be next in line to wear the 👑 crown.

Just know heavy is the head that bears the 👑 crown and for good reason ; It's my job to maintain the entire prison regardless of weather or the season.

It's a 24/7 365 day a year gig that I wasn't aware existed til been here for 2+ years; So you being told the deal means your already ahead of the others that got sent here.

So be wise with every decision you make no matter how mundane it may seem ; Every move you make is seen by all, best advice is treat your time like a dream.

If you appear to be in control of your own mind then manipulating others is very easy; Plus if you want top dog status can't be afraid of getting your hands dirty or greasy.

Rule #1 don't ever ask a soldier to do something your not willing to do yourself; If that were to happen you would no longer have any control of the yard let alone your own cell.

Promise that in that situation there is only one viable outcome , By early morning head count you will cease to exist and nothing can be done.

But please try to educate the next generation of inmates incarcerated by your side; Teach how to be righteous and loyal and never allow anyone to disrespect their pride.

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