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Lame Duck

Wobble wobble

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

How does it feel to be a lame duc🦆walking in the end? When you know time has come but not and know there is nothing that can be done to mend.

No point in prolonging the inevitable from coming to pass; When knowing what is bout to come is eating up your brain mass.

All that is on your mind no matter what you are doing anymore; Pretty sure it is from not knowing when that is ggnawin away at your core.

The not knowing is reason you stay sic to your insides; Feeling your stomach wroll, do flips, n summersaults all the time.

Wondering when the end will come just biding your time for now; Hoping things will somehow someway just get fixed n work out.

While also knowing deep down 👇 that hope is for the weak; Hoping is lost time n energy wen wat u need to do is begin to seek.

The next chapter of the pitiful life and times of yours; Feeling like a ravaged marine back for good after 4 tours.

As in your lost on what to do or how to go bout doing it; But life has gave no choice but get back up and go get.

Although not even sure when last time you was in this position; Let alone worried bout starting over once again.

Yet here you are on the cusp of doing just that, ready or not; So dust yourself off, be a man and go give this your best shot.

Will it be enough or truly just wasting time giving out a go; Leaves you clueless onl cwhat may come when message blows

One of my dreams or just kind you settle for like in the past; Will it be a slow and steady thing or Vroooom -gone just like that n d nthat that fast.

Hope for the best but expect the worst are words to live from; That way you can not be disappointed no matter the outcome.

Always waiting on a letdown when your expectations are to high; So stay grounded in your wishes not pulling them from the sky.

Just make sure not to lower them so far that does damage; To your self esteem, keep ego inflated, always gives an advantage.

When you think highly of yourself to try and stay on that happy train; So when that one does show it be alot easier to obtain.

This lame 🦆 duck I speak of is that person in a relationship; But knows it is all over with except the actual end of the trip.


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