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Whr Thy May Lead

By Jason ShipleyPublished 19 days ago 2 min read

What would be something that has been around just as long as the history of human civilization ? Something that somehow has the ability to touch anyone , regardless of time period , place in society , or even religious persuasion ; Yet still easily costs billions , if not trillions , between bails being posted , court costs paid , as well as other legal litigation ; Constantly consistent if nothing else considering it has not skipped a single generation ; As is with most things there are two opposite ends of , let's just say , representation ; On one hand there is the die hard true believers filled with hope , wonder , plus total fascination ; Sadly though just blindly following while awaiting some unknown result or supposed great revelation ; If not there just obeying out of fear thanks to legends passed down to help build a scary reputation ; Of prior acts of violence reported thru time by word of mouth or that days news publication ; Stories of kidnappings, disappearances with out a trace, beheaded spectacles, plus several other forms of mutilation ; Yet somehow surprisingly half the country saw it as no more than the equivalent of college hazing ; Steadily spewing there propaganda through member owned or what would be deemed to be by sympathetic declaration ; If using the over 2000+ years of history at our disposal goes to show any kind of outcome or indication ; Then this will always be giving it to the World 🌎 with out warning and definitely no lubrication ; Since its flower to impregnat seems to be the Earths core than its time to fully spread its pollination ; Only question is which side of the yin ☯️ yang will land when finally come down and put out into rotation ; Must come to the realization as with most things it will have its limitations ; Now if your the type expecting anything good to come then slow your roll with just a lil hesitation ; Stop the madness and come to terms with fact we all just waiting for the detonation ; Another example helps feel as if one the biggest issues is being used as objects of exploitation ; Problem could fix simply enough by having honest open dialogues of pertinent information ; However that is a sharp double edge sword since can easily be greatest problem from failure to have concise crystal clear communication ; Other times things do not come to pass straight out of pure unadulterated laziness or worse from putting things off , procrastination ; Regardless of your point of view, this always will inevitably leave you feeling some type of way complete with sensations ; All from something so magnetically strong that even Ray Charles could see, no hallucinations ; Still have no idea although now thinking it is so painfully obvious it is quickly becoming excruciating ; Last clue is it more closely albeit it unfairly , especially in our time and space more associated with caucasion ; Still for my money , with no serious competition this the biggest divider in human history , talking about pure hate or discrimination


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