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By Jason ShipleyPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

Jus sitting round watching the spectre of father time pass on by; whether consciously or not it is what every human being does. Since the only guarantee in life is we sinply live to die; sometimes all your left with is vast array of memories of what once was.

To me, this the type of thing a child should be taught that will mean something in life; such as something to never be taking for granted is good ole time. Our next generation needs to be mixture of having book smarts and streeet wise; can learn as much from text book as posting up on the corner with the stop sign.

Makes no difference path chosen be it sports, streets, or plain old scholastic; weigh all the positives and negatives of each option to help make an educated decision. Be the best you can be regardless of direction you take even if it ends with you need paper or plastic.

Some people come from areas where have no choice of which side of the law you fall; meaning not every person truly has the option of being your average law abiding citizen. If i am going to be a hustler then you bez believe I will teach you all how to ball; all while avoiding being statistic of becoming just another numbered inmate of a prison.

Try honoring my late mothers wish of being good or being good at what you do; perfect example, if join a gang then climb to rank of leader of such a crew. If classes is your thing then attain the highest gpa allowed by the district of your school; or win school president post or captain of sports team proving moms words to be true.


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  • Arthur Walton8 months ago

    Nice lil spin of wordplay good job can tell thr is talent thr

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