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by Mescaline Brisset 2 months ago in social commentary · updated about a month ago
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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

I extracted it of the throat of society

So that you can think

That I am an idiot and you are not

Whereas the opposite is true


When unknown sins are committed

On others waiting in vain

I am not there so you can talk

About what I did and what I didn’t


Yet there is nothing within range of my judgment

That went unfiltered straight into your gob

And you deserved it, every disdain

For my mind was made to defend itself


From the illiteracy and immaturity of age

Poor skills of elevating themselves

To the glory of the only ones

Who can elaborate on the subject



But we know that’s bullshit, taking a piss

What should not have happened and yet provides

Raw material for me to try


Twist and turn this impossible disease

Into a more recognisable reality

Where I could live

Without obstructing my view


And throwing away rotten fruit

Of the society lacking

A critical eye on themselves

In this day and age of prevailing ignorance


10 November 2021

revised on 5 August 2022


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