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Jeanette's Arctic Hell

Dedicated to the USS Jeannette

By SchmalzPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

We spent 21 months stuck in the ice and snow

21 long months encapsulated by ice and snow

Months of darkness never end I would sit alone

Dreaming of islands new to our eyes months ago

21 long months and we haven't buried any bones

And when the Jeannette broke free I had hope again

And sailing on the high arctic sea felt like a sin

When the drift from the ice came creeping back in

I still remember how the boat screamed and moaned

Screaming and moaning it creaked all night long

Tremors down my spine as I watched my sinking home

Tremors down my spine as I watched my sinking home

The ice moved in and took the Jeanette along

Thirty three men sledge through ice and storm

Trying to find some far off Siberian coast

No more rations were just trudging along

So we found the open sea and three boats we could ride on

Heading for Lena Delta good lord wont you carry us home

But we lost eight good men in an arctic gale

Before we landed on this marshy arctic hell

Two boats landed but one was further along

Freezing and starving was all that we know

And I'll spend the rest of my life

Looking for eleven of my friends bones

Won't you come here Emma De Long

Rest your weary head and we'll weep all night long

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Welcome to my page! I am a writer whose interests are vast and believes in the art of the word. In my writing you will find Non-Fiction, Fiction, and poetry in pursuit of the value of language.

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