America in Verse
America in Verse

Invisible Uprising

I wish we were as untouchable as we are invisible.

Invisible Uprising

Marching, marching in the streets

While blood is running in the sheets

Children, adults, neighbors, friends

The list goes on and never ends

“Not all men” “let me explain”

“You’re not alone so don’t complain”

Trafficked, raped, molested, dead

This issue isn’t in our head

They’re grabbing pussies right and left

Laughing when we call it theft

What must I wear before you decide

That you are not allowed inside

Women dressed from head to toe

You still can’t hear her screaming no

What safeword must the world invent

Where are you Mr. President

“The rape kit we took was inconclusive”

“Time magazine ran the exclusive”

“Your judge was unsympathetic”

“Stop crying snowflake it’s pathetic”

“You wore a dress above your knees

Not asking for it? Sweetheart, please.”

“Oh you’re a guy, well that solves it

Too scared to come out of the closet”

“A woman raped you? Can’t be done.

Go home and do your homework son.”

“The defendant has a better lawyer”

“Bail paid upfront, free the destroyer”

“No health insurance anymore

Take your problems out the door

No therapy if you can’t pay

No one cares if you die today”

No ones listening, can’t you see

They don’t hear him or her or me

“You’re marching again and holding signs

Oh hey, that one has a cool design

Occupy Wall Street or BLM

A women’s march? Oh, screw them.

Put down your signs and quit your bitchin’

Quietly go back to the kitchen

We’re going back to the good old days

And that’s where it’s going to stay

Whites in power, work for the men

We’ll have a civil war and then

We’ll move on to the Middle East

No more of this talk of peace

Bomb Korea take it down

No one here needs them around”

“My button's bigger and more shiny

I’m compensating for my tiny...

I know I promised no more drama

But I was given this mess, thanks Obama

The shutdown then was preventable

But with all these liberals this is inevitable

Why are they always so upset

What is it they expect to get

Basic human rights and stuff

No I think they’ve had enough”

My knees give out and hit the floor

I just can’t take this anymore

The scream is building through my tears

I put my hands over my ears

Can’t drown out the awful sound

Of all the victims in the ground

The restless dead in stereo

Every voice is screaming “NO”

But you can’t hear a single voice

Stealing every right to choice

Acting like you’re the hero here

I think it’s time to introduce YOU to fear

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Chadlai Shade
Chadlai Shade
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