Introversion as a State of Mind, as a Way of Being

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George Hiegel

Introversion as a State of Mind, as a Way of Being

Introversion is not a perversion

It is a state of mind, a way of being

Different from what is supposed to be

Different from what is expected of you

I think carefully before I speak

I don't just talk for the sake of it

To say countless things without meaning

Words can be weapons, so I hope mine

To be sharp and uniquely hand crafted

I am a deeply emotional soul and feel things

On a level most others never know

I am an observer, a listener who values silence

As a way of learning, as a way of knowing

I am proud to be what I am

I love this man I have become

I stand out, I stand up, I stand alone

I am to be aspired to, not looked down upon

I am to be admired, not conspired against

I am to be respected, not rejected

I am an introvert, yes I sure as hell am

An introvert and one hell of a man

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