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With All of My Heart, With All of My Soul

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in love poems
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George Hiegel

I didn't plan my feelings for you

But I have them all the same

To me, when I say I love you

It is the most beautiful thing

With no sense of shame

I don't care what anyone thinks

I don't give a damn what they say

With the whole world united against me

I'd still want you anyway

How can it be wrong to love someone

The way that I love you

Do they not see?

Do they not know?

Or do they not care?

This is not a love

Conceived by convenience

This is not a love

Masked in an insidious guise

This is love in its purest form

Love at its highest extreme

It is as it was meant to be

There is no better than this

So, my love, I have to go now

So, I will bid you now

A warm and tender adieu

And say to you

With all of my heart

And all of my soul

I love you

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