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by Donna Siggers


Looking at her for help, and finding the devil staring back

With snakes protruding from her eyes, ready to attack.

The voices in my head rising all at once, a mighty force

My only choice, defense. Dignity to enforce.

Throwing punches, just like my hero

Mohamed Ali, knocking the devil into tomorrow.

Rendering her useless, a victory for me

She wouldn’t fall down, that much I could see.

Alarms ringing because of my stress

Snapping me out of my transgressions.

Nobody comes to help her, but I know I’ve done wrong

Its why I’m in this place, its where I belong.

I mustn’t hit women, but I wasn’t being me

Something takes over, inside you see.

Again I’m restrained, nothing more she can do

My institutional life. The cycle. Déjà vu.

social commentary
Donna Siggers
Donna Siggers
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Donna Siggers
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