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by Donna Siggers 11 months ago in sad poetry

by Donna Siggers


Is my smile one that’s fake, or one that’s true

Can you tell if I’m happy, or feeling blue?

Do my eyes sparkle from joy, or tears

Will it be a day of laughter, or filled with fears?

Am I simply okay, or hiding behind a tough exterior

Is my confidence genuine, or am I feeling inferior?

For every door I slam shut, am I severing connection

Am I building a wall of protection, or avoiding rejection?

Will I stand tall, or dance behind a veil of pain

Today might be one of freedom, or will it be a strain?

Perhaps it will be one for strength, or feeling frail

Will it be a day in which I win, or fail?

What mask do I need today, I take a moment to wonder

How will I cope, what pressures will I be placed under?

What will the day bring, how heavy will it weigh

So much depends on the exterior facade I display.

sad poetry
Donna Siggers
Donna Siggers
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Donna Siggers
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