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The divine struggle

By Cathy holmesPublished 3 months ago โ€ข 1 min read
photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

As I lay me down to rest,

Bundled in cotton sheets, I nest.

Craving for a sweet reprieve,

Demons rise, and my dreams they thieve.

Everything you do is wrong.

Failure is your signature song.

Go now, bless, and say a prayer.

Heaven canโ€™t help you. Nobody cares.

Incantations wonโ€™t set you free,

Just know your soul belongs to me.

Kindred spirits are you and I.

Liar! I scream into the void.

My mind is clear, my heart is pure.

No more will you darken my door.

Oppressive demon, be on your way,

Pausing, not another day.

Quiet, girl! You know youโ€™re mine.

Resistance is futile, no intervention divine.

Sleep now, in my wicked arms.

Try not to resist my iniquitous charms.

Understand your fate is with me.

Villainous demon, set me free!

Without my compliance, you have no power.

Xenial spirits have joined me this hour.

Yellow-bellied demon, give up the fight.

Zenith has found me, on this starry night.

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About the Creator

Cathy holmes

Canadian family girl with a recently discovered love for writing. Other loves include animals and sports.

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Comments (27)

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  • JBaz2 months ago

    And this didnt recieve Top Story??? vivd and scary, it is so well written that it was on the second read when I noticced that it is an Abecedarian ( even withthe xyz, they just blended in.) I know ...non Top story becuase it is a Winner.

  • Randy Baker2 months ago

    I should have read this last night when I was in the throes of insomnia. Well written and on a topic I'm all too familiar with. This flows so smoothly, it's easy to forget it's an abedecarian.

  • Celia in Underland2 months ago

    Sums up bloody insomnia so well! Really great entry Cathy!

  • Yellow bellied demon I love that. Brilliant and very creative with this one!

  • Kristen Balyeat3 months ago

    Ohhh, this is really well done, Cathy! Love the conversation style you took with this, and the rhythm was hypnotic. Fantastic entry to the challenge!

  • Jess Boyes3 months ago

    This flows so beautifully, I loved it.

  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    Well, crap, now I gotta' step up my game, again! (I don't think I have the energy for a third one.) This is excellent, my talented friend! Love the call-and-response twist!

  • PK Colleran3 months ago

    Great poem, Cathy! Glad to see someone else use xenial. I thought I was so original! ๐Ÿฆ‰โœจ

  • Great use of the format for the subject, no doubt a Top Story

  • Chloe Gilholy3 months ago

    The A-Z pattern flowed so smoothly I never noticed it until I read it twice.

  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Lovely poem!! Flows so smoothly and lyrically.

  • Heather Hubler3 months ago

    Isn't that about right?? Loved it and bonus points for using zenith :)

  • The only reason I knew this was an Abecedarian was because I saw your posts of this in the groups. Else I wouldn't have noticed until I reached the ending! It flowed so smoothly! And you even made it rhyme! Gosh you're so brilliant!

  • Stephanie Hoogstad3 months ago

    Amazing work. Iโ€™m surprised how you got the flow and the rhyming to both work with the fact that this is an abecedarian poem. Very well thought out and executed.

  • Phil Flannery3 months ago

    Terrific entry for the challenge.

  • No, the demons do not have power over us, even in the night. That having been said, nightmares can be a lot of fun. Like sleeping through a scary movie without missing any of it. Wake up & immediately want to fall asleep again to find out what happens next!

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Demons seem to everywhere, great poem, xenially.

  • Shirley Belk3 months ago

    love the verbalization of the characters in this struggle

  • Real Poetic3 months ago

    The rhymes. The meaning. The flow. This is phenomenal workโ€ฆ Iโ€™m lost for words. My new favorite of yours!!

  • D.K. Shepard3 months ago

    So many well crafted lines! Excellent work!

  • L.C. Schรคfer3 months ago

    An excellent entry, well done

  • Ruth Stewart3 months ago

    So very relatable! Great stuff, well written. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    Excellent flow to your relatable poem entry. Loved it!

  • Suze Kay3 months ago

    Wow I didnโ€™t even realize this was an abecedarian poem until the end! Excellent flow and rhythm.

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