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In The Sky

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By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 4 min read
In The Sky
Photo by Ashutosh Pandey on Unsplash

To the rest- it has been only two years.

Two years of life behind a mask.

Some have lived more years behind that of a mask.

A mask that is not made of nylon and sheath.

Perhaps a chance- for those to finally see, a look through the eyes- of him and of me.

Eyes wide to see, the ones that could never be open- Eyes wide to see, the ones who could never be free.

About the truth in our hearts and the light in our eyes; mental health, is just society’s disguise.

For we knew too much and had to re-assess, some had to disappear, some had to rest.

Sick of life’s cruelty and all of man’s tests. It gets to be quite tiresome on the less-travelled road. Never goodbye- to me that has been recently exposed.

When it is me that you see seek, there we will be- on top of the mountain.

When it is me that you seek, there we will be- at the highest point-atop the peak.

We will meet with eyes wide, and I will extend to you, my hand.

You will go and return to the mountain or sand.

It will happen soon enough; we will be together at last.

With the world still living life behind the nylon and sheath mask.

They know how it feels perhaps, finally, at last; to be suffocated, to be silenced, desired to break away from the past.

Some still are not able to see something bigger "behind the scenes".

Open your eye to the second perspective of the picture.

For we are still as we are- the poor get poorer, the rich get richer.

For they have turned against you and others alike, for doing the same thing they do, as if authority is a higher right.

In the hometown, where those like you have been criminalized for drugs, those in power do just the same- from up above.

To the hospital they deliver and the helicopter they fly.

I believe the virus has been told as a lie. A message delivered upon my 3rd eye, they have been trafficking heroin, in helicopters, in the sky.

And if this be true, tell me, has it been worth all? Or is this just what happens to touch or to breath fentanyl?

And if this be true, isn’t it a disgrace- when you look at the world as it is?

Is this all of America? Just a bunch of rich hypocrites?

Neglect the “knowing” to continue what you do in the sky?

The ones that spoke their mind, only desiring validation- became discredited on account of “crazy”.

The irony- the ones with the “crazy” have surpassed the multitude.

The actuality- The ones of the multitude, found with brains lazy.

We have been divided by every degree. Can we finally stand in unity?

Can we no longer have to fight to be free?

Can we find the one to bring us to be?

Forgot about politics and about every divide, how many of your loved ones have recently died?

Listen to the wind and hear the whispering trees. I am telling you there is more to life- please listen to me!

The latin meaning of “COVID” means “to see together”.

The corrupt better begin praying for a life ever-after.

I spoke to a neighbor who was shoveling her walk,

I gave her help and she gave to me a chance to talk.

To speak the word of Mother Nature and her light, In a world gone wrong, there are so few who make it right.

A wiser woman with hair of white, told me her landlord wasn't treating her right.

Every month she gives money to a man without a face, the way you neglect her, is that of utter disgrace.

Every month she gives money to a man she does not know,

He threatened to her sue, but a warning to you landlord, you reap what you sow.

You take her money, and it makes your pockets pleased, I hope you find compassion as you will once have to ask for it, in front of Mother Nature, while down on your knees.

At the gates your heavy pockets will be empty and your soul be all alone,

If you continue this way, you will indeed never make it home.

You must return to darkness on Earth and try again next time, the light you must seek is the light you must find.

It will continue this way until you finally do, until then, your angels are still praying for you.

And what about the companies of the utilities, refusing to do more, maintaining a service that is basically now free.

They charge us estimate instead of actual usage, I ask to you oh my people, is it fair to pay for what you don't use, showing what we already know, capitalists are abusive.

Your landlord is what he is because he is only what he knows. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is it not time from this idea, we start to grow?

Think of new ways to help our people and stop making it impossible? This is only temporary existence, to everyone actions hurtful?

I tell the woman, you are not responsible for the road nor snow.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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