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Stars in the Bluest of Skies

A farewell from beyond the trees...

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Stars in the Bluest of Skies
Photo by Юлия Михейкина on Unsplash

Today, she has risen, beaming down in all her glory. She has patiently waited for me to wake.

She has been recluse. She has been in hiding. She has been the intermittent one.

Playing the game of nature’s hide and seek,

call it, the act of the disappearing sun.

She calls to me and tells me, “You must come to me to see”.

She calls to me tells me, “Look to the wind amongst the trees”.

It is at once that I must go, as if even, I had a choice.

And if choice were to be of mine, I would seek only-to her voice.

I go to the road that I have traveled- at least once or twice before.

Everything looks so different, but I have been here, I am sure.

Through a new light, found in perfectly paired “new eyes.”

This road is not what I remembered,

but to me, it is yet beautiful by disguise.

How picturesque it really is-

to it nothing I could compare-

to it nothing I could describe,

How kind it is of the Sun, that today, she chose me.

She takes me far away, way above the clouds-

to see the stars in the bluest of skies.

I lean my head backwards, no longer bowing down to pray.

I look directly into her- always to her-for the rest of my days.

When I am done praying to the Sun, I feel the exquisite exchange,

Nature and the process at work- never ending and forever remained.

She lends to me, the light, and takes from me, the dark.

I bow my head in gratitude.

I bow my head in grace.

I bow my head with blessings.

A gift from her that she brought me to this place.

She gives the gift of light, a light of the eternal.

Keep your eye to her always- avoid the opposition- stay away from the infernal.

It is as if I am looking down, up above and not from this Earth.

It could be the clouds or a point from the mountain top, one cannot really be sure.

And I see it this way today, and I know, I will look down again someday soon,

Had it not been for the sun that shined upon the cold,

I would have believed that looking down, this world was devil ruled.

The tops of the trees, with all its branches, covered in frozen icing.

It is on days like this, that she finds the beauty- even in the frigid.

When she dances among the treetops,

She melts the once budded branches.

When she shines her light upon them,

She turns the ice into stars-

The only one to make them shine, even when it is not dark.

The only way to see a frozen world cold, yet still see endless beauty within it.

It was as if I was looking at a world gone, A “once-world” frozen in time.

Dust in the form of frozen water, if you will, a “tundric sedimenting”.

The old epoch story is going to be retold-

And when it does, look to her in the trees that are of old.

The cottontails wave goodbye to me, as we make our exit.

Passed the trees, beaver battered and worn,

Upheld by frozen roots and earth, they have not been torn.

But before I can leave, I bask once more in the sunshine.

An ambiance of light, love, thought and meditation.

Then the wind reminds me it’s time to go, he makes a sound of laughter.

A round of applause from the melting branches, unfreezing, and moving faster.

“Bid you adieu, I Bid you adieu”, is what they say to me.

They go on once more, “Bid you adieu, I bid you adieu, the time has come to say goodbye to you”

One last look into the fore and they say it to me once more.

They bid me adieu and say farewell to me.

I feel the tears stream from my face, yet glance once more to the trees.

Cold and hardened by ice, yet they stand together as one.

And because they do, they are rewarded by the Sun.

She warms their branches, creating stars in the bluest of skies- for me

So, then I say, “goodbye to you”, “I bid you adieu”, “a farewell from beyond the trees”.

-Jamie LeFebvre Hakeem

nature poetry

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Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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