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in the land of giants-

by Victor Mendez about a month ago in social commentary
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in the land of giants-
Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

We are killing ourselves..

with guns and hate,

with wars that never satiate.

Nor solve..

the problem which birthed this war in the first place.

In the second place..

we are killing hope

by chasing ambitions and dreams that preclude

the very world that holds us dear, it seems.

So we stomp,

we growl,

curse and howl,

scream in anger,




Ignore the danger in our complaints cry foul..

point fingers!

Never realizing

at the end of the hand so accusatory,

at the end of the day,

there are naught but selves to blame.

and all the while the ants build their hearth and home..

the gnats flitter about,

snacking on the rotting corpses of what is left.

So this I ponder,

as it gives great wonder..

When we have absconded,

from this dying and beautiful world..

By ship,

By science,

By religion,

Will the trees make a sound?

From the simplest sapling,

to the strong and resolute,

standing somber and witness,

Failing and falling,

in quiet dignity folding leaf and branch,

shattering serenely,

The giant Redwoods,

the majestic of the Amazon,

the Baobabs in Africa,

the rest un-named,

now un-homed.

They reach proud to the sky

and bid adieu to the end of their days.

How vain humanity is

To think we are the only living thing

that can hear..

a beautiful dying!

social commentary

About the author

Victor Mendez

Born in 1958.There's a lot of road beneath these feet.Worn out pairs upon pairs of shoes.Been a ranch kid,a city kid,a Marine,a dad, a grandfather now,an avid reader and just recently began writing poetry in 2015 just to vent.

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