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In Search of Lost Love

Today I Can Write

By JoyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
In Search of Lost Love
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Today, I'm writing the saddest lines I ever wrote,

For example,

It's a bright day with the sun shining in a blue sky,

The wind whispers, and today, my words are full of sorrow.

Somewhere far away, I hear someone singing, and it reminds me of what I've lost.

I'm trying to see her again in my mind.

I miss her, but she's not here. It feels like the same days, with the same trees.

We're not the same as we were; I can't say I love her now, but I used to love her deeply.

I'm trying to speak my heart out, hoping somehow she might hear me, but she's with someone else now.

Just like she was before.

Her voice,

Her lovely body,

Her shining eyes,

I can't say I love her anymore, but it's hard to forget.

Because on days and nights like this, I held her close.

I'm not satisfied; I've lost her.

Even if this is the last time,

She'll make me suffer.

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  • C.S LEWIS2 months ago

    this is so nice you can join my friends and read what i have prepared for you

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Wonderful! Great job!

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